Lab Philosophy

Our Lab’s mission is to benefit humanity by tackling pressing problems. We aim to do so by inspiring scientists to be bold and to think in new ways. As a team we can achieve more than as individuals and together we strive to set the standards for ethics, integrity and inclusion that are expected from us. We encourage diversity of background, approach and thought.

Expectations of postdocs
We expect from our postdoctoral colleagues to be supportive of our team and the individuals therein. We expect inquisitive minds that are critical, reject dogma, are unafraid to tackle difficult questions and individuals that are ambitious, while taking pride in the success of others. We seek lab members that are communicative and eager to be trained in what makes a scientist successful, while sharing their own expertise with the lab. Postdocs will have their own projects but are expected to support each other with their efforts. They will attend scientific conferences, give presentations and are expected to communicate their concerns and ask for guidance when needed.

Expectations of graduate students
We expect from our graduate student colleagues to be excited by new aspects of science and to approach our lab with an open mind. We expect that you will be excited to learn from successful experiments, as well as unsuccessful ones. Graduate students will have their own projects and are supported by postdocs. They will attend conferences and learn how to present their data at all levels. We expect graduate students to ask many questions, to communicate their concerns and to ask for guidance.

Expectations of PI
I will support you at every stage in your career, from when you are planning to join the lab, throughout your tenure in the lab, until you are preparing for your next career stage, and afterwards. I expect feedback about my role as PI from you and will take that feedback seriously. I will make myself available to you at any time but expect from you to communicate to me when you need my input. I am deeply concerned with the well-being of the members of my laboratory and will support your personal and scientific development.